Logging in Acquia Cloud Site Factory

To help you track development, maintenance, and usage information regarding your websites, Acquia Cloud Site Factory provides a centralized audit and logging system in your Factory interface to monitor your stack. In addition to the log files included with Acquia Cloud, Acquia Cloud Site Factory includes logging for the following items:

Platform Available logs for viewing
Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted logs Audit logs
Task logs
Task log settings
Acquia Cloud-hosted logs Acquia Cloud task logs

Viewing Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted logging

Users with either the Release engineer or Developer roles can access audit and task logging by performing the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud Site Factory interface (not individual websites in your factory)
  2. In the top menu, click Administration.
  3. Scroll down to the Logs section.

Audit logs

The Audit log page displays a table of the following information about recent actions performed by users of your Factory:

Example of Audit logs

  • ID - Internal identification number for the action
  • Message - Descriptive message of the action that was taken
  • Scope - The feature affected by the action
  • Context - The website, site collection, or site group (if applicable) for the action
  • User - The user or internal account associated with the action
  • Time - The date and time that the action was started

To learn more about the audit logs, see Auditing Acquia Cloud Site Factory events.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory task logs

Task logs, also known as Work Pool logs or Work In Progress (wip) logs, are detailed records of all actions your Factory is performing. These include (but are not limited to) background tasks for website management and domain management, and tasks initiated by users (such as code deploys and website installations).

For more information about task logs, including instructions for pausing or terminating tasks, see Task logs in Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory task log settings

On this page, you can configure how much information is captured in the task logs, including different settings for tasks that complete successfully and tasks that fail. If Acquia Cloud Site Factory detects a failure, it will log as much data as possible in the task logs.

For information about configuring task log settings, see Configuring task log settings.

Acquia Cloud task logs

In addition to the task logs specific to Acquia Cloud Site Factory, you can also view information regarding recent hosting tasks in the Acquia Cloud interface. For more information about what these tasks contain and how they can help you, see Viewing tasks. For more information about log files included with Acquia Cloud, see About Acquia Cloud logging.

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