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Managing installation profiles in your Factory

After you have added installation profiles to your custom distribution, you can enable the installation profiles to allow site builders to select an installation profile when they create new Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted websites.

When site builders create a new website, they will have the choice of any enabled installation profile. Any installation profiles that are in your code base, but which have not been enabled, will not be displayed to site builders on the Create a new site page.

Choosing an installation profile when you create a new website

Selecting an installation profile is a one-time choice—you cannot change the installation profile after the website is created.

If you have both added an installation profile to your codebase and deployed it to your platform, but it does not appear in the Site Factory Management Console, contact Acquia Support for assistance.

Enabling installation profiles

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console with an account that has the platform admin role.

  2. In the admin menu, click Administration, and then click the Installation profile management link.

    Save changes to profiles

  3. In the Enabled column, select the check boxes for the installation profiles that you want to enable for use by site builders.


    The installation profile with the REST API Default option is the default for websites created using the Acquia Cloud Site Factory API. This does not affect the process for creating websites using the Site Factory Management Console, and means only that if you create a website using the Site Factory API, the default installation profile will be used if you do not designate a different installation profile.

  4. Click Save settings.

Installation profiles will become available for use after the SfVersions task completes. To learn more about monitoring task logs, see Task logs in Acquia Cloud Site Factory.