Site Factory

Setting the terms of service statement

As an administrator, you can define default text used by all websites to tell people where your Terms of Service (TOS) page is located or provide a link to the TOS page. You can also override your default text on a per-website basis.

Configuring the default TOS page

To configure the default text for your websites’ Terms of Service:

  1. Sign in to Site Factory using an account with the platform admin role.

  2. In the admin menu, click Preferences.

  3. Click the Terms of Service link.

  4. Enter or edit the default Terms of Service text for your websites.

  5. Click Save configuration.

Configuring the per-site TOS

Site Factory provides an option on each website node to configure a custom TOS for the website.

  1. Sign in to Site Factory, find the website for which you want to create a custom TOS, and then open its actions menu.

  2. Select Configure Terms Of Service.

  3. Enter the TOS text that you want to use with this website.

  4. Click Save.


Your other websites will continue to use either the default TOS or their own website-specific TOS.