Managing subscription usage

The Subscription Usage page in the Site Factory Management Console displays how many websites and site collections in your Acquia Cloud Site Factory subscription already have custom domain names assigned to them. If your Acquia Cloud Site Factory subscription has a limited number of websites, this page will display the number of websites with custom domains on your production and update environments, which are the websites that count against your subscription’s maximum number of websites limit. It also displays the number of dynamic requests served by each Site Factory Stack per month.

To view the Subscription Usage page:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console using an account with the *platform admin* role.
  2. In the admin menu, click Administration.
  3. Under Site Factory management, click the Subscription Usage link.

Subscription usage page

Viewing dynamic requests

The Dynamic requests section of the Subscription Usage page displays the number of dynamic requests served by each Site Factory Stack during each month. Dynamic request data is available with up to a two-day delay.

For this purpose, dynamic requests include all requests served by Drupal, including:

  • successful page loads
  • redirections
  • image derivative generations
  • page not founds
  • failed page loads

Dynamic requests do not include:

  • requests served from Varnish cache or a CDN
  • requests for images, files, or other assets
  • cron runs (although these will be included in the future)

Downloading dynamic request reports

Dynamic request reports

Click the CSV button to download dynamic request reports in CSV format. The downloaded report includes all of the time periods currently displayed on the Subscription Usage page. By default, the name of the downloaded file is dynamic-requests.csv.

Using the REST API to obtain dynamic request reports

The Site Factory REST API includes a Dynamic requests method (GET /api/v1/dynamic-requests/monthly) that you can use to obtain more detailed dynamic request reports.

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