HTTPS (SSL) and Acquia Cloud Site Factory

HTTPS is a secure web protocol that allows each of your websites to safely communicate with your website visitors.

Enabling SSL

If you have dedicated load balancers, perform the following steps to enable HTTPS/SSL for your Acquia Cloud Site Factory websites with custom domain names:

  1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) through the command-line interface, as described in Creating CSR files.
  2. After you generate and copy the CSR, use it to obtain an SSL certificate.
  3. Upload the certificate, any intermediate certificate files, and private key, using the methods outlined in How to securely provide information to Acquia Support. Do not email your SSL certificate or attach your SSL certificate to a support ticket.
  4. Contact Acquia Support to request the certificate be installed for you.

If you do not have your own dedicated load balancers, contact Acquia Support and request that Acquia add your website to the shared SSL certificate for Acquia Cloud.

If you have any questions or uncertainty about the method that you should use to enable HTTPS/SSL for your websites, contact Acquia Support.

SSL and Varnish cache

By default, pages and other assets sent over SSL do not use the Acquia hosting platform's Varnish cache. If a significant portion of your websites use SSL, you can significantly improve your websites' performance by enabling SSL traffic through Varnish. To do this, contact Acquia Support or your Technical Account Manager.

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