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Managing Acquia Cloud Site Factory accounts

The information on this page describes how to manage accounts on Acquia Cloud Site Factory. If you want to remove your account from an Acquia subscription or, contact Acquia Support and request that they delete your account.

Regardless of who you are or what permissions you require, Acquia Cloud Site Factory uses a centralized, OpenID-based system to manage user accounts. For example, administrators can use this centralized account registry to access the Factory interface for managing websites, while site visitors can use the registry to view content on an Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted website.

Learn more by visiting the Acquia Academy (sign-in required) for the Setting Up Acquia Cloud Site Factory video tutorial.

Editing your user profile

Acquia Cloud Site Factory stores the information you provide about yourself (such as your name, email address, and user avatar) in your user profile.

To edit your user profile:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console.

  2. In the Acquia Cloud Site Factory admin menu, click the [username] link, where [username] is your account name.

    Edit profile

  3. Click the Edit tab.

  4. Click Save after you complete your changes to your user profile.

Account levels

Both the Site Factory Management Console and all of the websites that it manages use the same OpenID accounts, so you can use an account created on one Acquia Cloud Site Factory website to sign in to your other Acquia Cloud Site Factory websites and even to the Site Factory Management Console itself (assuming that you’ve been assigned a Site Factory Management Console administrative role).

You can view and manage your Acquia Cloud Site Factory accounts at either the Site Factory Management Console level or in each individual website.

Site Factory Management Console

After you sign in to the Site Factory Management Console, you can view all accounts by clicking Users in the admin menu.

Users page overview

You can use the options on this page to complete user management tasks, including creating new accounts or editing existing accounts to add Acquia Cloud Site Factory roles that provide Acquia Cloud Site Factory administrator access. These tasks are logged in the audit log.

For more information about the different types of Acquia Cloud Site Factory administrative access, see Acquia Cloud Site Factory roles.

Site owners

Each Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted website has a single user who is the site owner. Website ownership can be restricted to individuals with the platform admin role.

If you want to delete the user account of a website’s site owner, first transfer ownership of the website to a different user. Failing to do this will cause the website to have no site owner, and only the site owner can transfer ownership or delete a website.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted websites

Like any other Drupal website, Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted websites provide you with many different user management actions (including adding new users, removing user accounts, and controlling access to different parts of the website) and are controlled separately in each of your Acquia Cloud Site Factory-hosted websites. User management in the Site Factory Management Console is your responsibility.