Site Factory

Configuring your Cloud Platform teams and permissions

Each Site Factory subscription includes a Cloud Platform subscription, which you can use to access your production and non-production Site Factory environments.

As part of your Cloud Platform subscription, for those users who have accounts that allow them access to the Cloud Platform interface, you can assign different permissions to them and group them into teams of user accounts with similar permission sets.

If you use the permissions feature on Cloud Platform, we encourage you to enable or use only the following permissions depending on your users’ needs:

  • Administration: Add or remove a user to a team

  • Domains: Add or remove SSL Certificates

  • Logs: Download logs for non-production environments

  • Logs: Download logs for the production environment

  • Search: Increase the search index limit on a subscription

  • Search: Edit the search schema on a subscription

  • SSH keys: Add SSH key to git repository

  • SSH keys: Add SSH key to non-production environments

  • SSH keys: Add SSH key to the production environment

  • Support: Create a support ticket

  • Support: View and edit any support tickets for a subscription

  • Support: Include as a collaborator on all tickets by default.

  • Workflow: Clear caches for non-production environments

  • Workflow: Clear caches for the production environment


Either using or allowing other user accounts to use the other available permissions in Cloud Platform may interfere with your ability to manage your code in your environments’ Factory interfaces.

For more information about Cloud Platform teams and permissions, see Managing users, teams, roles, and permissions.