Site Factory

Configuring two-factor authentication

This document contains information about configuring two-factor authentication for your Site Factory account.


This page describes how to sign in to the Site Factory Management Console or any of your websites that use OpenID accounts with two-factor authentication. For information about how to enable two-factor authentication for all users, see Modifying your security settings.

Two-factor authentication (sometimes called two-step verification) is more secure than password authentication alone. With two-factor authentication enabled, a user signing in to either the Site Factory Management Console or any of your websites that use OpenID accounts must supply not only an email address and password, but also a code sent to a trusted device using an authentication application.

Setting up two-factor authentication

After two-factor authentication is required for accounts, if you have not yet configured two-factor authentication for your own account, you will be required to do so the next time you sign in.


Even if two-factor authentication is not required for your account, you can still use two-factor authentication with your account by signing in, clicking your account link in the admin bar, and then clicking the Security tab.

To set up two-factor authentication for your account:

  1. Sign in to either the Site Factory Management Console or your website account that uses an OpenID account.

    If required, Site Factory will display a webpage that indicates that you must configure your two-factor authentication settings.

  2. In the TFA application section, click the Set up mobile application for code generation link.

  3. In the Current password field, re-enter your current account password, and then click Confirm.

  4. Either install or open one of the following applications on your mobile device:

  5. Use either the Site Factory text code or the displayed QR code to add your Site Factory account to your application.

  6. In the Application verification code field, enter the code that is generated by the application, and then click Verify and save.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Occasionally, it is possible that you need to sign in to your account, but you do not have your mobile device. In these cases, you can enter an unused recovery account to provide access instead of the code from the mobile device application.

    To add recovery codes to your account, click Save. To complete the two-factor authentication setup process without adding recovery codes, click Skip.


    Save your recovery codes in a secure location (which should not be your mobile device) for later use. If you do not save your recovery codes and your mobile device is unavailable, you cannot sign into your Site Factory account.

Two-factor authentication is now set up for your account on Site Factory. Each time you sign in to your account, you will be prompted for your authentication code along with your account name and password.