Site Factory

Site actions and organization

After you sign in to the Site Factory Management Console, you can view metadata about your websites and complete management tasks relating to them, including deleting unneeded websites, making duplicate copies of websites, or organizing websites into related groups of websites.

Website actions

Depending on your Site Factory user role, you can complete the several actions on the sites to which you have access.

To select an action for a primary website, open the website’s actions menu, and then click an option.

Secondary websites on Site Factory

The actions menu is not available for secondary websites, which are non-production copies of primary (production) websites. The card for a secondary website displays a Go To Dashboard button instead of an actions menu, as shown in the following example:

To learn more about how you can use secondary websites in your development workflow, see Site collections.

Website metadata

To view metadata about an individual website, point to the Information icon in a website’s information card in the Site Factory Management Console to display a tooltip with the following information about the website:

Groups and subgroups

The Site Factory Management Console allows you to organize your Site Factory websites into groups of websites. You can use these groups to do the following:

  • Manually sort your websites using logical connections, such as regions or business functions.

  • Control sign-in or maintenance access to your websites by controlling which users have access to sites in the group.


Users with the platform admin role can view all sites and groups, regardless of their group memberships.

In the Site Factory Management Console, the term groups describes organizational groups at the top level, and subgroups are organizational units that can contain sites, site collections, and other subgroups, but have a single parent group.

The All my groups page (displayed when you click the All my groups link on any top-level Site Factory Management Console page) displays an overview of the groups available to you on the left and a detailed view of group contents on the right. Note that the detailed view on the right does not display top-level groups that do not contain any websites, site collections, or subgroups.

For information about how to create groups and organize your Site Factory websites, see Creating sites and site groups.