Using path-based domain names

Custom domains

As described in Adding custom domains to your site, you can add a custom domain name to an Acquia Cloud Site Factory site, such as or Acquia Cloud Site Factory also supports using path-based custom domains for sites. These are custom domains in the form and This enables a greater choice in custom domain names, as well as letting you use a single SSL certificate to handle multiple sites under the same URL.

Important considerations and requirements

To use path-based custom domains, you must keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Each site must use the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module 8.x-1.33, 7.x-1.33 or later.
  • All sites that come under the same URL must exist on the same Site Factory Stack. For example, if you have a site on one Stack with the domain, you cannot have a site on a different Stack with the domain
  • The path for a site cannot be more than one level below the parent URL. For example, you can have a site at, but not at
  • For each site that uses a path-based custom domain, you must create a symbolic link (symlink) in the docroot. For more information, see Creating symbolic links for path-based custom domains.

Adding a path-based custom domain

You add a path-based custom domain in the Site Factory Management Console in the same way you add any custom domain. See Pointing your domain name for the available procedures.

Suppose your sites are at paths under, and you want to create symbolic links for sites at and

  1. In your code repository, change directories to your docroot:

    cd docroot
  2. Enter these commands to create the symbolic links:

    ln -s . gibbous
    ln -s . crescent
  3. Commit the changes in your code repository.

Resolving domain name conflicts

If you try to assign a domain name that is already in use for a site, you will see an error message like this:

Oops! Looks like there was a problem
A domain can belong only to a single server group. This domain is already assigned to the xyz654 server group via the example site. This site is served via the abc123 server group.

To resolve this error, either choose a different domain name, or remove the conflicting domain name from the other site. It may take several minutes after a conflicting domain name is removed before it becomes available for re-use.

DNS error message

When you successfully add a path-based domain to a site, the Site Factory Management Console displays a message like this:

Your domain name has been successfully added to the site. The domain does not have a DNS record that points to this site. Confirm the domain and contact your DNS provider to add a CNAME or A record to point to

If you have already pointed your DNS records to your Site Factory site, you can ignore this message. A known issue in Acquia Cloud Site Factory prevents this Site Factory Management Console page from properly performing DNS lookups for path-based domains.

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