Site Factory

Finding sites with filters

Depending on how many websites you have access to in the management interface (or how you have your websites organized), it may be difficult to find the website you’re interested in without having to look at page after page of available websites.

To reduce the number of displayed websites on the All my sites page, use the filter options to display only the websites that meet your criteria.

Using filters

To reduce the number of displayed websites:

Expand the Filter results section.

Enter values in the filters. You can limit which websites are displayed based on the following criteria:

  • Factory stack - If you have more than one Site Factory Stack, which Stack the website belongs to.

  • Min. number of posts - Based on comment posts to website content

  • Min. number of users - Based on authenticated user accounts

  • Min. number of themes - Based on websites’ created themes

  • Min. disk usage (kB) - Based on websites’ files and content stored on disk

  • Min. page views last month

  • Min. page views this month

  • Min. visits last month

  • Min. visits this month

  • Domain contains - Websites whose domain names contain the entered text

  • Domain does not contain - Websites whose domain names do not contain the entered text

  • Site owner username - Based on websites’ owner accounts

Select the Has custom domains checkbox to display only those websites with one or more associated custom domains.

Click Apply.

The page reloads and displays only the websites that meet the filter criteria.

Removing filters

After you have applied a filter, you can clear the filter to again display all of the websites that can be displayed. Click Clear to clear the filter fields, and then click Apply.