Site Factory

Managing site group users

Site groups allow you to organize your websites into logical groups (such as by product line or geographic area). You can also use your site groups to control which users have access to the websites in the Site Factory Management Console.

When users who don’t have the platform admin role sign in to the Site Factory Management Console, they can view only websites in groups to which they have access, and all websites that don’t belong to any group.

Groups can contain the following member types:

  • Group member: Can view and access websites and site collections contained by the group

  • Group administrator: Same permissions as a group member, but can also add or remove other group members (except for the group owner)

  • Group owner: The user account that created the group. The group owner has the same permissions as a group administrator, but can delete the group


  • Users with the platform admin role can access all groups and websites, can add or remove members from any group, and can delete any group displayed in the Site Factory Management Console.

  • You cannot make another user account the group owner for a group.

Adding group members

To allow a user to access a group (and the websites that it contains):

  1. Go to the group’s detail page.

  2. In the Members section, click Manage to open the Manage users page.

  3. Enter an existing Site Factory Management Console user name in the Username field. The Manage users page displays user accounts that match your entry as you type.

  4. Click Add user.

  5. Click Save.

The user account is now a member of the current group and all of its subgroups.

Removing group members

To remove users from a group:

  1. Go to the group’s detail page.

  2. In the Members section, find the user accounts that you want to remove from the group.

  3. Click the minus icon for each user that you want to remove.

  4. Click Remove on the confirmation page.

The users are no longer members of the group or its subgroups, and if they don’t have the platform admin role, they can no longer view the websites contained by the group or subgroups in the Site Factory Management Console.


You cannot remove the group owner account from a group.

Changing a member’s type

To increase or decrease a user account’s permissions for a group that they already have access to:

  1. Go to the group’s detail page.

  2. In the Members section, click Manage.

  3. In the People in this group section, find the user account for which you want to modify its permissions.

  4. Select from the following options to increase or decrease group permissions:

    • To make a group member a group administrator, click Make group admin.

    • To make a group administrator a group member, click Remove group admin.

  5. Click Confirm to confirm the permission change.