Site Factory

Monitoring Site Factory

As you develop and maintain your Site Factory websites, you will want to monitor both the back-end performance of your platform and its code, and the actions taken by your users. Site Factory offers monitoring and logging tools to help you accomplish these tasks.

Monitoring services

The following services enable you to assess the performance of different aspects of your websites, from hardware to code:



Cloud Platform Stack Metrics

Provides real-time and historical information about your hardware performance, health, and resource use. Returned information includes Varnish® hit rates, total requests received, file system usage, CPU usage, slow MySQL queries, and out-of-memory (OOM) errors.

New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring of your PHP-based application’s performance. For additional configuration information for Site Factory users, see Using New Relic monitoring in a multisite environment. Contact Acquia support to enable this feature on your account.

Available logging

Acquia provides several types of logging that enable you to review actions taken by your users, changes made to your codebase, and look for problems with your application’s execution and performance:



Cloud Platform logs

Provides information about the execution of Apache, PHP, Drupal, and Varnish on a per-server basis. You can stream these logs in real time or view them from the command line. You can also forward these logs to a remote destination for additional custom processing and alerting.

Cloud Platform task logs

Provides information regarding recent hosting tasks in the Cloud Platform interface, such as code commits and Varnish cache clears.

Site Factory scheduled jobs

Provides information regarding recent scheduled jobs performed by Site Factory, including performance data and outcomes.

Site Factory logs

Users with the Release engineer or Developer roles can access the following Site Factory-specific log files:

  • Audit logs: Provides information about recent actions performed by users of your Factory, filterable to individual websites or users on your platform

  • Task logs: Provides information about background tasks for website management and domain management, and user-initiated tasks (such as code deploys and website installations). These logs are also known as Work Pool logs or Work In Progress (WIP) logs. To modify the settings for data retention on successful or failed tasks, see Configuring task log settings.