Site Factory

Auditing Site Factory events

To help you track development, maintenance, and usage information regarding your websites, Site Factory includes the Audit log, which contains this information in a single location, which can be filtered to display specific items.

Viewing the Audit log

To display the Audit log:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory interface as a user with the Platform admin role.

  2. In the admin menu, click Administration.

  3. Click the Audit log link.

The Audit log page displays the following information about audited actions in a table:

  • ID - Internal identification number for the action

  • Message - Descriptive message of the action that was taken

  • Scope - The feature affected by the action, from the following list:

    • both

    • centralized role management

    • factory

    • require HTTP authentication

    • site actions

    • sites

    • VCS_info

  • Context - The website or site group (if applicable) for the action

  • User - The user or internal account associated with the action

  • Time - The date and time that the action was started

Filtering the displayed results

By default, the Audit log page displays all of the audited actions for the Factory and its websites. To better enable you to find information that relates to your interest, you can limit the displayed information using the following filter lists on the webpage:

  • Scope

  • Context

  • User

  • Source - The starting point for the action, from the following values:

    • Factory UI

    • REST API

    • Drush

For example, if you wanted to display only those actions that relate to a specific website, in the Context list, select the website in which you are interested. The Audit log page will refresh, and the displayed table will display only those actions that relate specifically to that website.

Examining audited items

To view additional information about a specific item, click the ID number from the action’s ID column. Site Factory will display additional details about the action, including the following:

  • Before - Data from the entity before a change (could be NULL if there is no data)

  • After - Data from the entity after a change (could be NULL if there is no data)

  • Source - The starting point of the action

Tracked events

The following list contains several of the Site Factory user and system events which you can examine in the Audit log:

  • Creating, duplicating, or deleting a website

  • Adding or removing a domain from a website or site collection

  • Creating, deleting, blocking, or unblocking a user

  • Adding to or removing roles from a user’s account

  • Signing in to Site Factory

  • Signing in to a website

  • Clearing a website’s caches

  • Creating, downloading, or deleting a website archive

  • Exporting a website

  • Restoring a website from a backup

  • Transferring a website’s ownership

  • Creating a site collection

  • Adding or removing a website from a site collection

  • Setting a website as the primary website in a site collection

  • Refreshing the theme repository

  • Starting the update process for the Factory, websites, or both

  • Adding, changing, or removing a Git theme repository

  • Enabling or disabling website-specific features, such as requiring HTTP authentication or enabling centralized role management

  • Changing website-specific settings, such as HTTP authentication variables

  • Assigning a specific hosted website role to a centralized Factory user

  • Creating, updating, or deleting a website variable

  • Creating, updating, or deleting a site group

  • Configuring the default (global) or per-website Terms of Service notice

  • Staging websites from production to non-production environments