Site Factory

Configuring task log settings

Site Factory offers several levels of task log retention, which are configured in the Task log settings page of the Site Factory Management Console.

Logging levels and definitions

Site Factory will retain the log messages for a task that match or exceed the configured threshold set in the Overall Tasks Logging Level list until the task completes. Whether the task ends in failure or success determines which logs are kept after the task ends:

  • Failed tasks - No logs are truncated, and logs are captured and kept based on the configured value in the Overall Tasks Logging Level list.

  • Successful tasks - Log messages that match or exceed the threshold set by the Successful Tasks Logging Level list that are captured and kept after the task completes.

The following logging levels are listed from most serious (FATAL) to least serious (TRACE):





An unrecoverable error.



A recoverable error. It may be possible to retry the operation and proceed.



System events that are unusual, but are not errors (similar to NOTICE in PHP).
Examples: A user pauses a task, or a task receives info from an asynchronous process



Changes in state made as part of normal operations.



A non-essential part of a task did not complete as expected, although the overall task succeeded.
Example: Errors in user-created hooks



Actions taken as part of normal operations.



Diagnostic information potentially useful to both website maintainers and Acquia Support.



More verbose diagnostic information, generally useful only to Acquia developers.


When determining which logs to keep, Site Factory will keep the logs for the selected level and for all levels greater than the selection. For example, selecting the ALERT level for logging will keep all log messages with a status of ALERT, ERROR, and FATAL.

For more information about the types of logging available and how to access them, see Monitoring Site Factory.

Configuring log message retention

To configure how Site Factory retains generated log messages, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console with either the release engineer or developer role.

  2. In the admin menu, click Administration, and then click the Task log settings link.

  3. Use the following lists to configure the log filtering for your Site Factory-hosted websites, based on the available logging levels:

    • Overall Tasks Logging Level - The default threshold of log retention. Log messages with a status less than the configured threshold are never saved, regardless of the outcome of the task.

      Recommended value: INFO, unless you are investigating problems with your website

    • Successful Tasks Logging Level - The default threshold of log retention after a task completes successfully. Tasks that complete successfully typically do not require debugging, and logs can be discarded to preserve disk space.

      Recommended value: WARN

  4. Click Save configuration.