Site Factory

Customizing site appearance

In Drupal, your website’s theme is how the different visual elements that make up your website are combined and placed. It includes the available regions that you can use, different layouts on different pages, and the selection of colors, fonts, and graphics. Site Factory provides the following methods to theme your website:

  • Use an external Git repository: You can associate an external Git repository that contains one or more Drupal themes for use with your website. After you connect your website to a theme repository, you can view and select its themes by clicking Appearance in the admin menu. For more information about connecting to an external theme repository, see Adding external themes to your site.

  • Manually theme your website: Site Factory subscription customers have the ability to manually theme their websites in manners similar to other Drupal websites.

Drupal theming resources

For information and resources about manually creating and adding themes to your websites, refer to the following theming guides on