Site Factory

Setting the order of site updates during deployment

A user with the release engineer role can use the Site update priority settings to set the order the sites within your factory are updated during the code deployment process.


This feature is also available using the REST API. For more information, see Site Factory REST API documentation.

Configuring the site update priority

  1. Navigate to the Site update priority page by using any of the following steps:

    • In your web browser, enter the following URL:


    • In the Site Factory user interface, click Administration > Site Factory management section > Site update priority.

    This page shows all sites for your factory separated by stacks, if applicable. The order the sites are displayed on this page is the default site update order.


    Deployments for Site Factory instances with multiple stacks are always updated in separate deployments. You can customize the order your sites are updated within each stack.

  2. Drag and drop the sites within the list based on your preferred site update order.

  3. Click Save Settings.

    Site Factory displays a notification confirming that your site update priority is set.


    • After you set an order, newly installed sites are updated last in a random order.

    • If you do not set an order, all sites are updated in a random order.

    • During updates, the sites start getting updated in the site update priority order. However, Acquia cannot guarantee that they will also finish updating in that same order, as some sites might take longer to update than others.

Resetting the Site update priority

You can reset the site update priority order back to the default order at any time.

  1. Click Reset to Defaults to revert the list back to the default order.