Site Factory

Accessing your Site Factory repository

Before you begin to develop your websites on Site Factory, you must configure your Git repository. Until configured, you cannot access, edit, or update your websites’ codebases.

To prepare your environment for code development, you must first add your SSH key to your Cloud Platform repository, and then clone your code repository for local work.


For more information about Git, see the online version of Pro Git.

Adding your SSH key to your Cloud Platform profile

Without a SSH key added to your Cloud Platform profile, you cannot clone down your repository or perform other Git commands against it. For a step-by-step description of adding your SSH key to your profile, see Adding a public key to an Acquia profile.

Cloning your code repository

After you have added your SSH key to the Cloud Platform interface, you can clone your code from your Cloud Platform Git repository to your local computer. Your code repository contains a basic Gardens distribution, along with its install files, profile, and required and default modules.


The code distribution provided when a new Site Factory account is provisioned should be replaced with the distribution of your choice before development begins.

Create a new folder to contain the code repository, and then run the following command from the folder, replacing [Git_URL] with your Git repository’s URL:

git clone [Git_URL]

Obtaining the Git URL

To obtain your Git repository’s URL:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface and select your application.

  2. Click Actions > View Git Information.

  3. In the Git Information panel, the repository URL is the value in the URL field. Click the Copy icon to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Next step

As part of your continuous integration (CI) setup, you should treat your Git repository that is hosted by Acquia as a repository for build artifacts.

Before beginning development on your new repository, you should review Git best practices on Site Factory