Site Factory

Repairing user ID mismatches when staging a Factory

Acquia recommends you create your users on your production environment in Site Factory, and sync the users to your non-production environment as part of the website staging process. If you create a user manually on your non-production environment, it may contain a different user ID (UID) than the same username on the production environment.

If the user listed as a website’s owner has a UID mismatch between your production and non-production environments, your Site Factory Management Console will display task log warnings like the following example when staging websites to your non-production environment:

The site owner account was not synchronized over. Aborting site

Review your task logs for messages like the following example to identify all user accounts not copied to your non-production environment:

The data synchronization process has encountered an error. The Site
Factory ( already has a separate
account with the provided "[email protected]" username (uid: 000) which
conflicts with the requested uid (222).

To resolve this UID mismatch and enable website staging processes to complete, restage your Factory to a non-production environment and ensure the Wipe target environment check box is selected.