Tutorial Overview Acquia Cloud enables you automatically and continuously assure the quality your Drupal application Acquia Cloud integrating with GitHub you can quickly set development workflow that spins new environment for each pull request allowing your team perform manual reviews and execute automated tests before the code merged This tutorial walks you through implementing basic continuous…
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this tutorial will take Drupal application prepare the codebase for production and deploy that codebase production environment Acquia Cloud Using best practices for development important especially for enterprise sites that can fail Implementing processes like automated testing and continuous integration can difficult but they have tremendous impact the quality and stability software They are…
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Tutorial Overview this tutorial you learn how build Decoupled Drupal application with Nodejs Acquia Cloud guide you through the development and deployment Decoupled Architecture handson and stepbystep APIfirst Decoupled Drupal application can offer many benefits broader development base than traditional CMS structure You need understand the core concepts this workflow order form cohesive…
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