Between December 2016 and March 2017 Acquia will begin upgrading the version Percona MySQL running your nonproduction and production database Percona 56 This upgrade will provide performance improvements and increased security for your application Upgrading your database layer only needs completed once per database database pair For Acquia Cloud Professional customers this will mean one upgrade…
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Monday 9 January 2017 Acquia announced maintenance activities improve performance for customers using Acquia Cloud Free applications Acquia Cloud Free applications offer development tools and nonproduction environments intended allow users new Acquia offerings demo Acquia products prior upgrading full subscription that includes production environment and full application hosting part that effort…
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preparation for upgrading the Acquia platform from Ubuntu 1204 Precise Ubuntu 1604 Xenial detected that some customers applications contain htaccess file their applications repo currently located outside the docroot directory this not removed prior the Xenial upgrade affected applications will encounter 500 page errors until this file moved into the docroot directory within the affected…
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Background Drupal 6 was originally released 13 February 2008 The Drupal project ended all support for Drupal 6 February 2016 after Drupal 8 was released This means further feature security releases Drupal 6 core are being issued and the Drupal Security Team longer reviews Drupal 6 issues Drupal 6 core has not changed since 24 February 2016 and may include unknown security risks for those still…
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