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Using Markdown in tickets

When you create a new Acquia Support ticket, you must enter a ticket description in the Description field. Acquia’s ticketing system allows you to use Markdown. Markdown is a lightweight text syntax converted into HTML, so you can write clearer, better-formatted descriptions.

You don’t need to know anything about Markdown to write your description—you can type plain text. Pressing the Enter key twice is enough to separate your text into paragraphs. If you want to go further, you can format your description with several easy characters:

Type Formatting Example
Bulleted list Put an asterisk ( * ), a plus sign ( + ), or a minus sign ( -) followed by a space, in front of each line in the list.

* This
* Is a
* List


  • This
  • Is a
  • List
Numbered list Put a number, followed by a period, in front of each line in the list. It does not matter which numbers you use; Markdown will number them in order, starting with 1.

1. This
1. Is a
9. List


  1. This
  2. Is a
  3. List
Headers Put pound signs ( # ) at the head of the line. Each # increases the level of the header, so ## is an h2 header, and ### is an h3 header.  
Link Use square brackets ( [ ] ) to delimit the text you want to turn into a link, followed by the link URL in parentheses ( ( ) ). [here is a link](
Image Use an exclamation mark ( ! ) at the beginning of a line, followed by the alt text in square brackets ( [ ] ) and the image URL in parentheses ( ( ) ). ![Example logo](
Code Use a backtick ( ` ) at the beginning and end of the code in a sentence. For code blocks, indent the entire block of code with four spaces. `This is inline code`

More resources

For more information about Markdown, see the following resources: