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Creating Rules

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Lesson Goal


Create logic to display the right content, in the right area, to the right audience.

A rule is comprised of a slot, a piece of content, and a segment. Once content variations are added to a slot, a rule is created. You then choose the segment to which the content in this rule applies, so that Acquia Lift can test this content on a specific group of visitors to your website. An example of this is: for every visitor from the geo-location of Boston, and is returning to the site, show them a different homepage banner.

Creating rules

We are now going to add content to a slot and create a rule. The rule will say that for everyone who is visiting our site from the Boston area, show them a hero banner related to the city of Boston.

screen for Acquia Lift-enabled website

  1. Sign in to an Acquia Lift-enabled website.

  2. Activate the Profile Manager bookmarklet.

  3. The Acquia Lift sidebar opens.

    Acquia Lift sidebar including the Create and Content tabs for entering search criteria

  4. In the sidebar, click the Create tab.

  5. Click the Content tab, and enter your search criteria in the Search for Content field.

  6. Click the magnifying glass button in the field to search.

  7. Acquia Lift displays a list of search results as thumbnail images with titles. These images represent pieces of content imported from your Drupal site for use as variations.

  8. Click Filter to display the Filter & Search Content dialog box, and use the following fields to refine your search results:

    • Keywords
    • Sources list
    • Tags list
    • Content Type (comma separated)
    • Date(s)
  9. Click Filter Content.

    Experience Builder page showing process of setting an active segment and creating a new rule

  10. To more easily find your available slots, flip the Highlight Slots toggle feature to On which will show all available slots in a blue outline.

  11. Set your active segment. Following our example, we will set our active Segment to Boston Visitors.

  12. For information about creating additional segments, see Managing your segments.

  13. Select the hero banner image and then drag it to the banner slot.

  14. Acquia Lift displays the slot with a yellow border and the message New Rule. Acquia Lift displays the following options in a dialog box:

    • Create a new Rule - Add a new rule with the added content *To follow our example, select this option*
    • Replace content - Replace the content in an existing rule
    • Create A/B Test - Create an A/B test rule from an existing targeting rule
    • Add to test - Add the content to an existing testing rule
  15. Your content is now displayed in the slot. A default click through goal is also created now that our content is added to the slot.

    • Only the rules for the segment currently selected are displayed while dragging the content over, and only unpublished rules can be modified.
  16. Once content is dragged to the slot, a message appears stating “Rule Created!”

    Experience Builder page showing process of expanding a slot

  17. Click the Expand Slot button to see the different rules in the slot.

    • Here you can change the priority of rules to ensure visitors see the content you want them to see first.
  18. The Rule is still in an unpublished state. Click the three dots next to the Rule name, click Publish, and then Confirm.

    Experience Builder page showing process of publishing a rule

About rules

Each slot on your page can have one or more rules that apply to that slot. You can see rules using either of the following two methods:

  • Click Expand Slot in a highlighted slot, which expands the slot to the full window, allowing you to access all of the rules.
  • Click the Rules tab, which displays a list of all rules on the page, for all slots.

Rules can be one of two types: draft or published.

  • Draft
    • Have a grey sidebar
    • Displayed only to users with admin permissions who are signed in to Acquia Lift
  • Published
    • Have a green sidebar
    • Displayed to all users

Congratulations, you have created and published a rule to display the right content, in the right area, to the right audience.

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