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Creating Slots

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Lesson Goal

Create an area to display the right content to a particular segment of your audience.

Begin this lesson by installing:

A slot is an area on your website configured to display targeted content and A/B Tests. You may create a slot around a hero banner, call to action, or even the entire page. Following our example, we will create a slot to place our hero banner from the Publishing Content to Experience Builder lesson.

Animated image showing the process of creating a new slot create for hero banner

  1. Sign in to your website as an administrative user.

  2. Set up and activate your access to Experience Builder.

  3. With Create highlighted in the top menu bar, click the Slots tab.

  4. Experience Builder shows a list of the available slots on the displayed page if applicable.

  5. Click the Create new slot button to create a slot for our hero banner.

  6. In the Slot Name field, enter a name that describes this slot’s purpose. Enter “Homepage Hero Banner” to continue with our example.

  7. In the Slot Pages field, enter the paths for the pages where you want this slot to display, one page per line.

    • Experience Builder displays the domain of the applicable Profile Manager running above the Slot Pages field. By default, this field displays the path of the page that you are currently visiting
  8. Click Create Slot

  9. Choose an area of the page to personalize. Following our example, this should be the homepage banner or Hero block.

  10. Using the Copy CSS selector Chrome extension, generate a selector for this piece of content.

  11. Copy the CSS selector to your clipboard, and paste it into the CSS Selectors Field.

  12. Click Save.

    Highlight Slots toggle feature to show all available slots in a blue outline.

  13. A blue line outlining the area of the page where your Slot has been created.

Congratulations, a slot now exists to house the right content for a segment of your audience.

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