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Publishing Content to Experience Builder

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Lesson Goal

Publish a new hero banner into Experience Builder for use in personalizations.

Before creating personalizations using Acquia Lift, we must first publish variations in Experience Builder. In this example, we will create a new hero banner to leverage in future personalizations.

Personalizations consist of the following three elements:

  • Content - used for the personalization
  • Slots - the place on the website that is personalized
  • Rules - a segment of people that view the personalization

Our website stores hero images in a custom block called Hero. Therefore we will use the Hero block type to create this personalization.

Experience Builder page showing the process of publishing a custom Hero block to Content Hub

  1. Navigate to Experience Builder using following URL path: /admin/config/services/acquia-contenthub/configuration

    • In other words, this page can also be found with using the click-through path of Configuration > Web Services > Content Hub > Entity Configuration
  2. Select the Publish check box by the Custom Block > Hero entity we want to publish to Content Hub. Publishing this Content to Experience Builder will allow us to use this content in a targeted personalization.

  3. Additionally, select Publish View Modes and add at least one View mode to use for our personalization. (Note: In order for Content to be available in Experience Builder, it needs to be published with at least one View mode enabled)

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click Save configuration

    Experience Builder page showing the process of saving new variation of the Hero block

  5. Save the new variation of the Hero block

  6. Go to the URL path /admin/structure/block/block-content and add or modify the Hero block as applicable

  7. Save the block edit form. The customized hero will now be available in Experience Builder

  8. (Optional) If Experience Builder has been previously set up, you can view your newly-published Hero block on your homepage under the Content tab for use in personalizations

Experience Builder page showing the process of view Hero block under content tab

Congratulations, your content is now ready for use in a personalization.

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