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Lesson Goal

Create a custom block named welcome that displays the following content: ‘Welcome to my site’

Implementation Method

Drupal Version Method
Drupal 7 Use hook_block_info() to declare a block and hook_block_view() to define block content.
Drupal 8 Use Plugins API to declare a block and add a class to define the content.

Drupal 7 method

Add the following code to the lotus.module file:

/** * Implements hook_block_info() **/  function lotus_block_info() {   $blocks['welcome'] = array(     'info' => t('Welcome'),   );    return $blocks; }   }  /**  * Implements hook_block_view() **/ function lotus_block_view($delta = '') {    $block = array();    switch ($delta) {     case 'welcome':       $block['subject'] = t('Welcome');       $block['content'] = array( $block['content'] = 'Welcome to Lotus website!',       );       break;   }   return $block; }

Drupal 8 method

Add the following code to the src/Plugin/Block/HelloBlock.php file:

$this->t('Welcome to Lotus website!'),     );   } }

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