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Lesson Goal

This task demonstrates how to create taxonomy terms in code. Drupal has a method specifically for this action.

Implementation Method

Drupal Version Method
Drupal 7 Use taxonomy_term_save() to create and then save the term to the specified vocabulary
Drupal 8 Use \DrupaltaxonomyEntityTerm to create and then save the term into the specified vocabulary

Drupal 7 method

Add the following code to the lotus.module file:

function lotus_term_create() {   $new_term = new stdClass();   $new_term->name = ‘Your term name’;      // Make sure you know the vocabulary ID.   // Look at lotus_get_vocabulary_id_by_name()   // for an example.   $vid = lotus_get_vocabulary_id_by_name(‘Vocab name’);   $new_term->vid = $vid;   taxonomy_term_save(($new_term);  function lotus_get_vocabulary_id_by_name($vocabulary_name) {   $vocabs = taxonomy_get_vocabularies(NULL);   foreach ($vocabs as $vocab_object) {     if ($vocab_object->name == $vocabulary_name) {              $vid = $vocab_object->vid;       return $vid;     }   }   return NULL; }

Drupal 8 method

Add the following code inside a function where you want to create new terms:

$new_term = \Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term::create([           'vid' => 'example_vocabulary_machine_name',           'name' => 'Example term name',     ]);  $new_term->enforceIsNew(); $new_term->save();

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