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Installing CD pipelines client locally

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Lesson Goal:

Download and install the CD pipelines client locally and execute pipelines commands.

In this lesson, we will install the Acquia CD pipelines client to your local machine in order to execute CD pipelines commands. This tool is an essential part of developing, testing, and deploying applications on Acquia Cloud.

In order to complete this lesson you will need:

In this lesson we will:

  1. Download and install the CD pipelines client
  2. Configure the CD pipelines client (authenticate with Acquia Cloud)
  3. Execute a CD pipelines command to ensure that the installation was successful

1. Download and install the CD pipelines client

At a terminal command prompt, execute the following commands:

curl -o pipelines    chmod a+x pipelines

Test the downloaded client by executing: ./pipelines


We recommend that the pipelines file move to a directory in your local machine’s $PATH. For instance, on MacOS move the pipelines file to /usr/local/bin/pipelines. Since /usr/local/bin is in $PATH, moving pipelines here will allow pipelines to run on the command line and find the correct file.

mv pipelines /usr/local/bin/pipelines

2. Configure the CD pipelines client

See the step-by-step instructions for CD pipelines authentication.

Acquia Cloud interface page showing the process of configure the CD pipelines client

3. Execute a pipelines command

You may now run pipelines or pipelines list to view a list of available CD pipelines commands.

pipelines list

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