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Node.js with Decoupled Drupal on Acquia Cloud

Tutorial Goal

Build and deploy a decoupled application using Drupal and Node.js on Acquia Cloud.

Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build a Decoupled Drupal application with Node.js on Acquia Cloud. We’ll guide you through the development and deployment of a Decoupled Architecture hands-on and step-by-step.

An API-first or Decoupled Drupal application can offer many benefits to a broader development base than a traditional CMS structure. You need to understand the core concepts of this workflow in order& to form a cohesive development plan.

We’ll achieve this goal by leveraging the provided codebases for both the Drupal and Node.js applications, which are designed to work together. These two separate applications will demonstrate a standard workflow with the inherent relationship created by content offered by the Drupal API.

The tutorial includes three in-depth lessons:

  1. Understanding the architectural workflow
  2. Setting up a local Drupal and Node.js application
  3. Deploying your applications to Acquia Cloud

This tutorial is also offered as a video walkthrough for learners: