Campaign Studio

Release notes

This webpage describes the regular updates Acquia has made to Campaign Studio. Note that some release dates may be in the future to enable subscribers to prepare their environments for upcoming product versions.


For previous release information, see the individual release note pages for 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020.

For a list of known issues in Campaign Studio, see Known issues.

Campaign Studio - March 28, 2024

TypeRelated ticketRelease note
FeatureMAUT-11307Users can save changes of emails and landing pages by using the Save button in the email and landing page builders.


Campaign Studio provides the bulk delete action for global tokens.
FixMAUT-11243The file manager in the email and landing page builders did not work appropriately when users had a large number of files.
FixMAUT-11028Segments with custom object date filters did not rebuild correctly.

Campaign Studio - February 22, 2024

TypeRelated ticketRelease note
Campaign Studio supports integration with Acquia DAM in the Email and Landing Page builders.
ChangeMAUT-11111All the deprecated plugins are unpublished and removed from Campaign Studio.
ChangeMAUT-11097Campaign Studio skips the broken linkages between Custom Objects and Contacts to complete the Custom Object Import process.
FixMAUT-10790In the Campaign Build process, some contacts got skipped even when they were members of the segment associated with the campaign.
FixMAUT-8637Salesforce sync returned an error when contacts were deleted before the sync.

Campaign Studio - January 23, 2024

TypeRelated ticketRelease note
ChangeMAUT-11084The landing page alias supports underscore.
ChangeMAUT-8990Campaign Studio is upgraded to use PHP 8.
FixMAUT-11037The Campaign Studio user interface incorrectly displayed the Contact added to segment event for contacts that were already in a segment.
FixMAUT-10983The PATCH API in custom items incorrectly updated fields that are not part of the request payload.
FixMAUT-10924If the Require Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) Extension for Supported Authorization Flows checkbox was selected when configuring the Campaign Studio app in Salesforce, the system displayed authorization errors in Campaign Studio.
FixMAUT-10790Contacts in a segment were missing from the associated campaign.
FixMAUT-10678CSV imports were saving incorrect values for select field types.

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