Campaign Studio

Known issues

This page describes known issues in Campaign Studio:

Contact sync doesn’t work with the Dynamics plugin

Contacts don’t sync between Campaign Studio and Dynamics. This happens even if the plugin is properly configured and fields are correctly mapped. However, companies are synced.

Asset counts within reports are inaccurate if you set date filters

Reports display the total number of times an asset was downloaded. Reports don’t take time periods into account. Download count and unique download count display the total numbers of downloads for that asset from the very beginning. The value doesn’t change even if you use the date filter.

Currently, it is not possible to capture the number of downloads for an asset by dates.

Email statistics don’t count the variant email

When searching for the contacts to whom a specific email is sent, you can’t view the contacts who received child email in a segment. Additionally, if you click the number of emails sent or read from the emails page, the system displays the results for contacts who were sent or who read the parent email.


You can get a contact list by changing the ID number in the search bar. For example, you can replace A in email_sent:#A with B as in email_sent:#B. To get a segment for such contacts, you must export the contact list and reimport it into a segment.

You can’t create a segment for a child email.

The “Visited a specific landing page” filter doesn’t allow you to select a landing page

The “Visited a specific landing page” filter provides include and exclude operators. However, you can’t use the filter to identify a specific landing page. Therefore, the campaign builder can identify if a landing page was visited, but cannot identify the specific landing page.

Company field tokens aren’t populated when action is “send email to user”

In an email, the company field tokens aren’t populated with data if the action is “send email to user”. However, data is populated in the email if it is sent to others who are not users.

Contacts search results return inaccurate results

If you search for contacts with or without quotes, the results are inaccurate.


Search for a company name in the format: %Company Name%. Note that you might get inconsistent results.

Campaign Studio can’t render large reports

If you have sent millions of emails and try to generate reports, Campaign Studio’s report generator might fail.


You can create reports with smaller results and leverage the “email me this report now” function.

Facebook plugin doesn’t authorize successfully

The Facebook plugin can’t be authorized.


Use the Facebook Audience Segmentation or Facebook Lead Generation plugins instead of the Facebook plugin.

Getting “Oops, you broke it” error message while using filters

While generating reports, you might encounter a blank screen with the error message: “Oops, you broke it”. The report doesn’t render correctly.


In the URL of the report, update “view” to “edit”. You can update the report and revert the last filter you added.

Pie charts disappears

Pie charts render if there is data for the widget. If there is no data, pie charts disappear.

Owner signature appears

Owner signature appears. The default signature is not leveraged.

Published and Unpublished options are missing on the email edit page

In segment emails, the Published and Unpublished toggle bar doesn’t appear in the editor after an email is saved.


Ensure that you set Published to Yes before saving or publishing an email from the emails list.

The field: “visited x url” doesn’t work

The dynamic content field: “visited x url” doesn’t work.


Set up a segment by using a filter for Visited X URL. Trigger a campaign to the segment that adds a tag to contacts in the segment, and use the tag as the filter for the dynamic web content.

Emails sent through API and viewed in the browser don’t swap out the subject token in the browser title

Emails sent through the API and viewed in the browser don’t swap out the subject token properly in the browser title.


The email renders as expected. However, the page title displays incorrectly in the browser.

Segment filters (date added) don’t work

Segments with the “Date Added” or “Date Identified” filter aren’t immediately populated with contacts created on the specified date or in the specified date range.


Contacts are added to segments with these filters when segments rebuild overnight and not in real-time. There is no workaround for immediate segmentation based on “Date Added” or “Date Identified”.

Campaign share stats do not display values

The ‘Share %’ column does not display any values on the Campaign Share page under Segments.


Currently, there is no known workaround.

Campaigns with multiple paths to an event are uneditable

Campaigns with multiple paths to an event are uneditable, and display the following warning:

You do not have access to the requested area/action.


  1. In the URL, change ‘view’ to ‘edit’.
  2. Start the campaign builder.
  3. Remove the extra path to an event, and replace it with a Jump To Event action if it is intentional.
  4. Click Save & Close.

API token lifespan resetting to 60 minutes

A value of 3600 in the API token lifetime field is recognized as 3600 seconds (which then translates to 60 minutes), though the field indicates it is in minutes.


Values other than 3600 are properly recognized as minutes instead of seconds.

Workaround: Check the value of the API token lifetime field. If the value is 3600, change it to 60.

Only published landing pages can be used for 404 error page default

Users cannot select an unpublished landing page to use for a default 404 page from the General Settings section in Settings > Configuration. Users can also not use a third-party landing page as the landing page must be unpublished for the redirect to function.

Workaround: If you are using a non-Campaign Studio landing page as a 404 page, copy the HTML of your landing page and paste it into the code mode template located on the New Email page, and publish it. Alternatively, create a new 404 page using the Campaign Studio landing page builder.

Campaign studio fails to send example emails that have tokens as the sender address

Campaign Studio fails to send example emails if you use tokens as the sender address and send those emails without a contact preview. Campaign Studio displays the following error message:

Address in mailbox given [[Token]] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.

This issue only occurs when using tokens in the From address field on the Advanced tab. This also applies when a fallback option is used.


Use a contact preview to successfully send example emails.

Email preview does not show all contacts with the same name

When previewing emails, the Select Contact field does not display all contacts when they have the same first and last name. Only the first contact in the instance with the shared name appears in the dropdown menu.


When previewing emails, add the contact’s ID number to the end of the email preview URL in the URL bar to see accurate results for the dynamic content in the email.

Reports time out when exporting in the .csv file format

Large reports might time out when exporting in the .csv file format. Acquia recommends that you break down a large report into smaller batches and export smaller batch reports.

If you need a report urgently, create a Support ticket.

Segment text messages cannot be sent

Currently, Campaign Studio does not support the functionality to send segment text messages.


Do not use the New Segment Text Message option until the feature is available. Instead, use the New Template Text Message option to send text messages through campaign actions.

Scheduled reports work incorrectly after updating the schedule

When you update the schedule of an existing scheduled report, Campaign Studio does not add the job with the new schedule.


When you need to update the schedule of an existing scheduled report:

  1. Note the schedule and emails of the report.
  2. Cancel the schedule to stop scheduling of the report.
  3. Schedule the report again.

Elfinder returns a 401 error message when Remember Me cookies are used

Elfinder fails with a 401 Unauthorized message when using the Remember Me cookie for authentication.


  1. Log out of Campaign Studio.
  2. Clear the Remember Me checkbox.
  3. Log in to Campaign Studio again.

The Type field on the New Global Token page does not function

Selecting HTML or Text in the Type field on the New Global Token page does not change the content editor type in the Content field.


Currently, there is no known workaround.

Emails with multiple saved rows do not work when resource copied

The email builder does not function properly if multiple saved rows are used in the source email, and then resource copied over to the destination instance. This issue only affects the email in the destination instance and does not affect the source instance.
Do not resource copy emails that have duplicate saved rows.

Report exports do not work when Group by is used.

Campaign Studio does not send the email with the downloadable link containing the report data if Group by is used.
Do not use Group by.

The Save and Close button becomes inactive when editing saved rows

On the Manage saved rows page in the email or landing page builder, when you edit a saved row and click the Save and Close button, the button becomes inactive and gets stuck in the Saving state.


Refresh the Manage saved rows page to reactivate the Save and Close button.