Cohort Analysis


Cohort analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing an audience or cohort segment. In CDP, you can identify your audience in Actions and analyze the same in Metrics, Interactive Queries, or Snowflake data sharing.

Running a cohort analysis is one of the simplest ways to run an experiment for your business. As a marketer, you can run a time-bound campaign with certain characteristics you want to test: content variants, marketing channel, target audience. To evaluate the revenue impact of such marketing campaigns, you can define a configurable attribution window and attribute certain transactions to certain marketing activity. This allows you to analyze the campaigns that add value to your business.

Example use cases:

  • Follow the performance of a campaign A/B test: Load audience to Facebook and track sales performance against a holdout group.

  • Follow the aggregate buying behavior of a cohort over time: Send emails to specific customers recommending Product ABC on date X and track how many of such customers actually bought Product ABC in the subsequent 30 days.

  • Track the migration of calculated customer attributes: Track the LTV distribution of customers who had LTV $100-$200 on date X.

Process and logistics

Cohort Analysis is a paid add-on. For more information on the add-on, contact your CDP CVM or AM. You can take advantage of a two-week free trial to experience the value of Cohort Analysis first-hand on your own dataset.