Execution Calendar

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) execution calendar displays scheduled Actions campaigns, Metrics reports (but not Metrics+ Looks or Interactive Queries), and Data exports that are scheduled to execute in the future. It does not currently display campaigns, reports, or exports that were executed in the past. You can toggle between the schedule and calendar views in the upper right-hand corner:

Toggle view


To use the feature, ensure that CDP pop-ups are not blocked by your web browser.

Schedule view

The schedule view displays the next execution of every scheduled campaign, report, and export. From this view, you can:

  • open and edit a campaign, report, or export.
  • review the execution history of any scheduled campaign, report, or export.


The Destination column in the Schedule view displays the connector names.

Schedule view

Calendar view

The calendar view displays the start of every campaign, report, and export scheduled to execute in the future. However, you cannot view the duration of the campaign, report, and export execution as they cannot be predicted or calculated. From this view, you can:

  • click a campaign, report, or export to open in a new web browser tab and edit it.

Calendar view