Site Factory


Site Factory provides a multisite platform for digital technology organizations to efficiently deliver and govern many digital experience websites at global scale. Ready and flexible, Site Factory creates a platform to support standard processes for building, provisioning and maintaining many websites and provides the digital platform team the visibility, trust, and control for operating global websites as a service with a centralized, cloud management console.

Effectively, you build and maintain your Drupal codebase to provide your websites’ core functionality and Site Factory will maintain your server and platform configurations, providing a turnkey solution for a well-governed digital platform.

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Use the information in these documentation pages to help you begin building, delivering, and managing your websites.

Key Site Factory features

Site Factory is built on Drupal and also provides additional tools and services to help you focus on building websites, instead of how to build websites.

Here are some of the key differences between Site Factory and a stock Drupal website:

  • Multisite PaaS for flexible experience delivery (Platform as a service): You control your own site platform codebase, using your configured Drupal distribution, with contributed and custom modules of your choice to build, provision, and operate groups of websites. You can also use multiple codebases with Factory Stacks and multiple installation profiles.

  • Hosting and monitoring: Site Factory provides a high-availability hosting and monitoring infrastructure across multiple web servers, with Varnish® caching and replicated database servers. An operations team is on call 24/7 to test your website and keep it up-to-date with all the relevant updates and security patches. All of this is based on the same Cloud Platform infrastructure that powers and protects some of the largest and most active Drupal websites in the world. With Site Factory, you can stop worrying about website speed, website traffic, disk space, uptime, and backups.

  • Multisite governance: Define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards based on digital experiences, locations, and organization structure. Websites are built, delivered, and managed from the same and different Drupal distributions.

  • Single sign-on, centralized multisite management: Instead of signing in to multiple websites, Site Factory users can sign in once to Site Factory to sign in to all of them. This helps users reduce the number of accounts and passwords they have to keep track of, and it enables Site Factory website administrators to view and manage all of their websites from a single interface.

  • Unified management console: Centralized website delivery and governance across all Sites and Factory Stacks to provide visibility, trust, and control across all websites. Includes role-based user access and site permissions.

  • Multiple Factory Stacks: Develop and share multiple Drupal distributions with dedicated infrastructure to independently manage groups of digital experience websites. Each Factory Stack is managed from the same central management console.

  • Acquia Support: Site Factory provides you with access to Acquia Support, providing you with professional Drupal support and guidance, even for custom CSS. Accounts are also entitled to Support tickets, where they can have one-on-one private Support conversations.