Acquia CLI

Known issues

This page describes any known issues with Acquia CLI.

If you encounter any difficulties with Acquia CLI, create a Support ticket.

For known issues with Cloud IDE, see Known issues in Cloud IDE.

Federated Authentication requires a workaround


Federated Authentication does not work with Acquia CLI versions earlier than 2.14.0.

  1. Upgrade Acquia CLI to the latest version by running the acli self-update command.
  2. Set the following environment variable before running any Acquia CLI command:

    export AH_ORGANIZATION_UUID=<organization-UUID>

    To ensure that this change is permanent, store the preceding command at the end of your .bashrc file:

    echo "export AH_ORGANIZATION_UUID=<organization-UUID>" >> ~/.bashrc
  3. Note

    To find your organization UUID:

    1. Access
    2. Select your organization.
    3. Retrieve the organization UUID from the URL:<organization-UUID>
  4. Re-authenticate Acquia CLI:

    acli auth:login

SSL certificate problem on Windows

On certain Windows installations, you might run into the below issue:

curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This is not an issue with Acquia CLI but with your Windows installation. Here are Acquia’s recommendations to fix the issue.

  • Download the file from the website.
  • Uncomment the php_openssl.dll value in php.ini
  • Uncomment the curl.cainfo and openssl.cafile values in php.ini and point to the file.

This should look like this:


You should be all set. Restart PHP and try again to run the Acquia CLI command that was failing for you before.

Permission denied when trying to list environments

Acquia CLI can return the following error when using the acli api:applications:environment-list command:

Cloud Platform API returned an error: The application you are trying to
                                        access does not exist, or you do not have permission to access it.

If you have the same SSH key added to two different Cloud Platform accounts, and if those two accounts have access to the same subscription, then there will be an issue in accessing using the Cloud Platform API.

To resolve this ensure that each of the Cloud Platform accounts has two different SSH keys.

Incompatibility with the ext-psr PHP extension

If you have the ext-psr extension enabled, you will run into the following issue:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError: class_alias(): Argument #1 ($class) must be a
                                        user-defined class name, internal class name given in phar:///usr/local/bin/acli/vendor/laminas/laminas-servicemanager/src/autoload.php:14

This issue occurs because of a hard conflict between an Acquia CLI dependency and the PSR extension.

To resolve this issue, disable the PSR extension.

Artifact does not include front-end build assets

When you run acli push:artifact, the artifact does not include front-end build assets because the .gitignore file ignores them.

Workaround: To override the .gitignore file and commit the files:

  1. In the composer.json file, locate the extra key.
  2. In the installer-paths key, add an entry with the path to the files that are not present in the artifact.