Import file details

After a file has uploaded into Personalization, click the file name to view the import file details.

  • File name: The name of the uploaded file

  • Status: Loaded when processing is complete, Loading during processing

  • Processed lines: The number of lines imported

  • Rejected lines: The number of lines which failed to import

  • Number of lines: The total number of lines in the file

  • View Log: Click to view the lines in the file which did not import

Troubleshooting uploads

If Personalization rejects some lines in your file, the following suggestions can help you understand the problem.

  • In the error log: In the details page, click View log. Look for a message like the following example:

    Internal error - Unexpected error in loading line
  • In the import page: After a user attempts an upload, a dialog box may display with a message like the following example:

    File upload error - The selected file does not contain properly formatted
    visitor data!

These messages indicate an error in the formatting of a line in the file. Check the file, and upload again. In the event of a failure, the upload process will retry the file from the line of failure.