Acquia CDP

Data erasure using the API

Data erasure through the API consist of the following request call:

Important points

  • API limit: The API can accept up to 200 records per batch. This is the same limit that you get when submitting requests through the Data Erasure Hub screen.

  • SLA for request: Data erasure batches are chosen in reverse-date order so that the requests closer to the 30-day SLA are chosen first. When you enter data in the Data Erasure Hub screen through UI or API, CDP sets the expiry date on the records as the current date + 30 days. CDP selects the records for erasure based on the expiry date in the reverse chronological order, that is, the oldest records are chosen first. The date entered in Date of Customer Request through the UI is not used to prioritize the requests.

  • Requests per week: CDP has a limit of 9990 data erasure requests that can be processed per week.