Site Factory

Managing site ownership

Each Site Factory website has an authenticated user account listed as its site owner. By default, the site owner account created the website. A website’s site owner account (whose features are independent of the roles available in Site Factory) can perform several website actions, including deleting the website.

Site owners can also view all websites they own on the All my sites page in the Site Factory Management Console, even if the site owner isn’t a member of the group the websites belong to.

For information about identifying the site owner account for a single website, see Website metadata.


Manually creating users on your non-production environment can lead to user ID mismatches causing website staging processes to fail if the user is the site owner. For more information, see Repairing user ID mismatches when staging a Factory.

Transferring site ownership

To change the site owner account for a single website:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console as the site owner for a website.

  2. In the administrative menu, click Sites. Find the website for which you want to transfer ownership, and then open its actions menu.

  3. Click Transfer Site Ownership.

  4. In the Username or e-mail field, enter the username or email address for the Site Factory account to which you want to transfer site ownership.

  5. Click Transfer site.

Site Factory sends confirmation emails to the existing and new site owners. After each person confirms the change, the website is associated with the new owner account.

Restricting website ownership

Website creators are made the site owners by default, which may give them greater authority than you may want. To prevent this problem, you can configure Site Factory to have websites created by users not in the platform admin role to instead have a specified platform admin user be their site owner.

To restrict website ownership of newly created websites to a platform admin:

  1. Sign in to the Site Factory Management Console as a user with the platform admin role.

  2. In the admin menu, click Administration.

  3. Scroll to the Site Factory management section, and click Site ownership settings.

  4. In the Site owner account field, enter the Site Factory user name (email address) for a user with the platform admin role:

  5. Click Save.

Newly-created websites created by any user who doesn’t have the platform admin role will have the user you specified in the Site owner account field designated as the site owner. The site creator won’t have any role with the new website by default. If they have the platform admin or site builder role, you can assign roles for the website using the Centralized role management feature.

To disable centralized role management, clear the Site owner account field, and then click Save. If the Site owner account field doesn’t list a user, any user who creates a website will be its site owner.

Permissions Note

The site transfer process doesn’t assign or remove roles from either the previous or the new website owner accounts. The process only changes the website’s owner to a different account.

If you want to associate the new site owner account with an administrative role (such as Administrator or Site maintainer), you must sign in to the website as an administrative account and then manually assign the required roles to the new site owner’s account.