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This webpage describes the regular updates Acquia has made to Customer Data Platform (CDP). Note that some release dates may be in the future to enable subscribers to prepare their environments for upcoming product versions.


For previous release information, see the individual release note pages for 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.

For a list of known issues in CDP, see Known issues.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - April 22, 2024

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ChangeA1DEV-13143Support for the Impala database is removed from CDP.

Metrics embedded with Looker are updated to use DNS from Looker Support to:

  • Adhere to Google Chrome's phase-out of third-party cookies
  • Manage cross-site blocking
ChangeA1DEV-12853The SFTP upstream connector is updated to support Custom Attributes (CDP Studio) as pre-mapped custom parameters.
ChangeA1DEV-12463In Campaigns+, nesting of interactive elements is removed to enhance accessibility.

The Transaction Details custom content model is updated to provide the following additional entities:

  • Product
  • ProductCategory
  • OrganizationSummary

The DXP web notification service is integrated with the CDP application. Also, dxp-web-alert notifications are replaced with service notifications.

FixA1DEV-13236When users visited the Acquia portal page, Gainsight caching cookies were captured under a third-party domain through the webtag.
FixA1DEV-12983The pagination footer on the Integrations page displayed a hand icon on non-clickable items.
FixA1DEV-12794CDP displayed incorrect IP address value for webtag events.
FixA1DEV-13126In the Email Delivery section in Metrics, Advanced Options were not saved.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - April 04, 2024

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FeatureA1DEV-12809CDP provides custom attributes to create and display new attributes within the application. You can set the permissions for custom attributes through the Users interface. For more information, see Custom Attributes.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - March 20, 2024

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In compliance with the European Economic Area (EEA) law, CDP provides the following standard attributes with the Google connector:

  • googleAdUserDataConsent
  • googleAdPersonalizationConsent

For more information, see Google Ads - Consent Compliance.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - March 8, 2024

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ChangeA1DEV-12924In Campaigns+, CDP returns an error message when you use forward slash and backslash in folder names while creating or renaming folders.
changeA1DEV-12462In Campaign+, CDP provides enhanced ARIA-label text on the Audience step to improve accessibility.
FixA1DEV-12961In Campaigns+, CDP did not return an error message when duplicate attributes were added in the Content step.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - February 19, 2024

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ChangeA1DEV-12459In Campaigns+, CDP provides enhanced error messages to improve accessibility.
FixA1DEV-12792In Data Exports, the Last Execution column was not displayed as a default behavior.
FixA1DEV-12759On the CDP landing page, in the left pane, the naming convention for Analytics was inconsistent.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - February 9, 2024

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FixA1DEV-12974Webhook API calls returned 400 responses, which resulted in data loss.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - January 31, 2024

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FeatureA1DEV-12770CDP provides the user admin permission role to the users with a single tenant access. For more information, see User permissions.
featureA1DEV-12756The Data Warehouse (DW) pushes incremental data to the public schema.
changeA1DEV-12791Facebook Marketing API is updated to v18.
changeA1DEV-12725CDP provides the SelfServiceUser - Admin-Full role to support team representatives for user permissions.

Customer Data Platform Release Notes - January 16, 2024

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changeA1DEV-12711Google Ads API for Google Customer Match and Google Ads offline connectors is updated to v15.
changeA1DEV-12573CDP displays 30 days of data for input connectors that are scheduled hourly.
changeA1DEV-11162The modal content is updated to render as a proper table element and work correctly with VoiceOver to improve accessibility.

CDP returns an error message for input fields when you enter invalid data on the following pages:

  • Campaigns+: The Setup step when no value is provided for the Name field.
  • Segments & Variants: Create segment and Create variant modals.
fixA1DEV-12192Kafka RT failed due to the removal of the new Kafka real time cluster IPs.
fixA1DEV-12629Users could not move or delete subfolders in Campaigns+.
fixA1DEV-12425The paginator label on the Users page was displayed incorrectly when using filters.


The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.