This page provides information about how to configure global settings and configurations for your new Campaign Studio instance.


New Campaign Studio customers must complete the following tasks in Campaign Factory:


Like the Campaign Factory configurations, this portion of the Campaign Studio setup requires the help of your team’s developers to implement some of the settings and configuration features and options.

Configuring the instance

Campaign Studio provides the Settings menu on the top right corner of its interface. With this menu, you can configure the global settings and configurations for your new Campaign Studio instance.

This menu is different from the left navigation pane, which contains the marketing features that marketers use on a day-to-day basis. After you configure the global settings and configurations for your instance, you usually do not need to return to this section for most of the ongoing marketing operations.

The following table lists all the settings in the Settings menu and highlights whether they are Optional or Mandatory:


For your instance:

  • From the Mandatory settings, configure all settings.
  • From the Optional settings, configure the settings that you require.
Setting Description Mandatory/Optional
Themes Store and manage themes for emails, landing pages, and forms. Optional
API Credentials Configure API credentials. After configuring API credentials, you must also enable the API from Settings > Configuration > API Settings to use the API functionality in Campaign Studio. Optional
Categories Group various resource types to marketing strategies, topics, departments, or other classifications. Optional

Configure the following global settings for the Campaign Studio instance:

  • System settings
  • Theme settings
  • API settings
  • Campaign settings
  • Email settings
  • Form settings
  • Segment settings
  • Notification settings
  • Landing page settings
  • Tracking settings
  • Report settings
  • Text message settings
  • User/Authentication settings
  • Webhook settings
  • Social settings
Users Create new Campaign Studio users who must work in the instance. Mandatory
Roles Create roles with permissions and restrictions and assign them to users. The default role is Administrator. Acquia recommends you to first create the roles, and then create users and assign them a role. Mandatory
Webhooks Create HTTP callbacks to send data from one application to another. Optional
Custom Objects Create one-to-one or many-to-many relational data tables to associate items with contacts. Optional
Global Tokens Configure global tokens to create and use content that is consistent across multiple emails or landing pages. Optional
Custom Fields Create custom fields to define the data points that are important to your business. You can leverage the data points to personalize messaging, segment contacts, and run reports indicating the types of contacts that are worth spending the most time and money targeting. Mandatory
Plugins Integrate plugins that help you connect with other pieces of your marketing stack. Optional

For information about the order for completing these settings, see Checklist for Settings.


Features such as Custom Objects and Global Tokens are only available to customers based on their entitlements or on request. To have these features enabled, contact your Customer Success Manager or Acquia Support.