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Release notes - Customer Data Platform

This webpage describes the regular updates Acquia has made to Customer Data Platform (CDP). Note that some release dates may be in the future to enable subscribers to prepare their environments for upcoming product versions.


For previous release information, see the individual release note pages for 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016

2104 Release Notes - 2021-03-24

Area Type Description
CDP Fix For a specific scenario, the CDP application didn’t get redirected to the correct landing page.
Execution Calendar Change The execution calendar feature in CDP is enhanced to not display the next execution time for schedules that already ended.

2103 Release Notes - 2021-03-10

Area Type Description
All Output Connectors Change The error messages in the campaign output step on the CDP user interface are updated to guide users to the correct process for raising complaints or cases.
Campaigns+ Fix CDP user interface didn’t display the Machine Learning Segments content model.
Campaigns+ Fix Owing to the retention cleanup process done as part of housekeeping, campaigns failed.
Campaigns+ Fix Users were unable to stop any campaign manually on the campaign output step.
Campaigns+ Fix Values of echo headers flipped in the output.

2101 and 2102 Release Notes - 2021-03-04

Area Type Description
Campaign Studio Input Connector Fix Campaign Studio input connector collected email events from various sources that impacted event-related reporting and calculations.
Campaigns+ Change The Favourite Products Content model is now enhanced to help you reach the right target audience and provide more flexibility with the content for customer communication. For more information, see List of standard content elements.
Campaigns+ Fix Refinement using IN for Variant Name didn’t work on the Audience History filter.
Execution Calendar Fix Calendar didn’t get updated on changing the parameters.
Facebook Output Connector Change The Facebook output connector is now updated to use the latest API version.
Legacy Campaigns and Campaigns+ Change You can now set an end date for your scheduled campaigns to manage your campaigns in a better way. All existing recurring campaigns default to never end. However, you can update this value from the CDP user interface. For more information, see Scheduling campaigns.
Legacy Campaigns Fix For campaigns with Sendgrid destination, a space character was introduced while dragging and dropping product-based content on the Design tab.
Reset Password Change CDP is now enhanced to have CAPTCHA on the password reset window to improve application security.
UDM Fix CDP was unable to correctly parse device related fields in the Event table.

2054 Release Notes - 2021-02-18

Area Type Description
Campaigns+ Change The CDP user interface is now updated to have enhanced usability for the manual campaign termination feature. The nomenclature is now more user friendly and the error message is more descriptive. For more information, see Stopping a running campaign.
Campaigns+ Fix The CDP user interface displayed the incorrect error message: CAMPAIGN_KILLED_MANUALLY during connector failures.
Legacy Campaigns and Campaigns+ Fix Campaigns failed when only the Name attribute was selected in Favourite Products content model.
UDM Fix Promoting a column that contains commas caused data loss on the customersummary table.

2050.1 and 2052 Release Notes - 2021-01-21

Area Type Description
Campaigns+ Fix Users were unable to save campaigns due to an incorrect error on the CDP user interface.
Campaigns+ Fix Single quote in a Campaigns+ Facebook campaign name caused failure in the campaign process.
Facebook Output Connector Fix Creating Destination table for Facebook Custom Audience connector caused errors.
GDPR Change GDPR can now handle bulk GDPR anonymization of transactions upto 25 years of transaction data.
Sendgrid Output Connector Change CDP is now updated to have enhanced security for Sendgrid connector by using API key-based authentication.

2046, 2048, and 2050 Release Notes - 2021-01-13

Area Type Description
Campaign Studio Input Connector Change The Do Not Contact status in Campaign Studio is now mapped DoNotEmail or DoNotText in CDP, based on the channel.
Campaign Studio Input Connector Fix While sending customer data from Campaign Studio to CDP, the system didn’t allow you to send a null value for Address 2.
Campaigns+ Change Event-based filters now have optimized performance.
Campaigns+ Fix Waterfall chart view is now available on the Segment Count window with an option to export the details.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.